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“iON Internet Security From Cloud” – Virus Solution and Remova!

About “iON Internet Security from Cloud” Malware! “iON Internet Security from Cloud” is a malware, categorized as scareware that is a rogue Antivirus or Antispyware, it pretend to be a legitimate Antivirus or Anti-spyware program but that is totally false it only perform fake system scan and display fake system alerts with the motive of [...]

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Ask Toolbar, to remove browser redirects to!

What is toolbar? is a toolbar which enhances users browsing experience in better way by adding quick links to various social sites, local weather forecasts and many more to the browser. It comes with the free software that is downloading from internet and once virus comes into your PC, it will add [...]

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System Repair (2013) Virus Removal Guide – Remove Fake HDD Scanner!

System Repair (2013) is a fake HDD scanner which has been categorized as a rogue program. Once it is installed, it will modify the default registry settings so that it can run automatically whenever you start your computer. It scares users by displaying many fake hard disk errors. It hides the desktop icons and the [...]

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How to Remove Disk Antivirus Professional from PC Completely!

Disk Antivirus Professional is a fake antivirus that belongs to the Rogue family which is distributed using Trojans, fake video codecs, drive-by downloads and many more. When it is installed, it will scan your system automatically and generate a list of fake infections on your computer. But, when you will try to remove those detected [...]

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PrivacyCut Virus (Rogue) Complete Removal Guide!

PrivacyCut virus belongs to the rogue family which generally comes from infected websites and unsafe downloads. It is a fake scanner which has the ability to scare the users by generating some fake infection alerts. These alerts are totally fake. So, if you want to delete these threats, you will be asked to purchase the [...]

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Remove Rocra/Red October Malware – Complete Removal Guide!

Rocra/Red October malware is highly risky threat to the computer with properties which can ruin the healthy PC in no time. Usually this rogue does not invades into the computer system alone rather it comes along with other PC threats like Trojans, spyware, browser hijackers and other severe malware to carry out destructive tasks. Initially it [...]

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Remove Redirect Virus (Browser Hijacker) from PC Completely! is generally a game site but it is categorized as a browser hijacker which can be very critical for your computer. Once it is installed, it will modify your browser and internet setting and redirect your search results to some unknown websites. It can also change your browser homepage to For that, when [...] redirect virus removal guide, get rid of redirect virus, how to remove browser hijacker, uninstall Voucher Codes Malware Removal Guide! Voucher Codes is a vicious type of malware that spreads threats via email attachments. It sends this threat as a zip file with a name of If you open this zip file, this malware will be activated automatically and it will start its critical works in the background of your computer. Although, [...]

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Remove Freeworks Advertisements from PC Completely!

Freeworks Advertisements is a critical adware that generally comes through malicious websites, freeware download, spam emails and many others. Even, if you browse the web safely, then also it can infect your system. It will be installed automatically on your PC. Once it executed, it will infect registry so that it can be activated automatically [...]

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PureRadio Virus Complete Removal Guide!

PureRadio is a third party internet radio application that comes from bundled with third party malware, adware, spyware. For that it is identified as PureRadio virus. Although, its characteristics are somewhat similar with malware definition. It is installed automatically without your attention. It can also utilize browser hijackers to modify current browser settings and homepage [...]

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