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Info-stealing Dorkbot worm attacking on Facebook


Facebook have connected millions of people from different-different region. As much as huge its network is connecting people and spreading in all over the universe, it is also connecting The Dorkbot worm attackers. We know question will occur in your mind that what is The Dorkbot worm Attackers? The Dorkbot worm is like virus which [...]

attacking on browsers activities, stealing personal details, targeting Facebook users

Microsoft Warns Facebook Users about Latest Trojan Hijacking


If we talk about internet then in our mind firstly one thing occurs social networking sites and if we talk about social networking sites then one thing occurs in not only our mind but in all worldwide that is FACEBOOK. Facebook is a site in which maximum no. Of people from other region are connecting [...]

Microsoft warns Facebook users, New Trojan hacking Facebook

IE Now Top’s In Blocking Malware!

IE Malware Block rate

Usually you all know that NSS has released the final results and it also taken from its web browsers security mainly comparative evaluating the protection gifted by commonly five browsers which users use in worldwide are latest versions of Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera which is against malware downloads (it is also [...]

ie malware safe browser, ie tops blocking malware, internet explorer malware free

Patch deployed by Microsoft admitted a Zero-day bug in IE8!


According to the various security firms, an active exploits has been used for the vulnerability, including the “watering hole”-style attacks which have been used for U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Labor, basically targeting the workers at the latter agency involved in the research of nuclear weapons. Microsoft published a security advisory on [...]

browser, Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit, vulnerability, watering hole-style attacks, Zero-day bug in IE8

Malware leading to media sites of US got compromised!


Five media sites of U.S. as well as a number of other famous sites have got compromised which are redirecting the visitors to visit the malicious URLs as  Z scalar warns. The sites have got injected with the features of JavaScript which used to have an i Frame that redirects the users to one of the several malicious sites [...]

malicious URLs, Malware, media sites of US, social engineering, Zscalar

“Google” is less Prone To Malicious sites than “Bing”


The all-time universal fact justifies that all search engines are not been made equal—and obviously when the arrow tip just points to Microsoft’s Bing, it certainly generates out the fact that malicious websites are much more happily returned far more often than by Google. A recent research carried out by a German independent testing lab [...]

Bing, Google, Malicious sites, search engines.crude search engine optimization technique

Either “LIVE WITH” Malware or “LEAVE THE” Malware.


The main reason for the computer to get infected with the Zero Access malware are the online searches like Google which also provides links to some unhelpful pages filled with worthless ads resulting in the generation of revenue for the malware’s controllers. But in the present situation the malware’s have became very clever. They have [...]

Malware, malware's controllers, root kit, stealing of the information, Zero Access malware

Deception of Android AV software continues


Researchers from Northwestern University and North Carolina State University have done a recent test on ten of the most popular Android anti-virus software and the result was really very shocking as all of them could be easily cheated by some common code illusion techniques. To check out the process, they have made Droid Chameleon, a framework that generate [...]

Android, Android deception, AV software

Make your Android free from Malware parasites.


Setting a Locked Screen for Android seems to be much more as Sony’s PlayStation Network—but on the other hand; they do offer some security against minor attacks. Different security options could be found for locking your screen like pattern, password, pin, Face Unlock, and many more on Android till some extent. Among these, password is the one [...]

android parasites, free from Malware, Malware

80% Malware is Directly Proportional To Trojan Injected


    A recent research carried out by the Panda Labs  generate out some interesting facts regarding the IT security events vis-à-vis incidents hailing from January till march 2013.It was really a shocking alarm that In the first quarter of 2013 only, more than six and a half million new malware varieties were created. The [...]


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