Step by Step Guide To Remove PC Threats!


All About ‘Safe Mode’ of Windows System!

Why you need to start PC in ‘Safe Mode’? When any malware program resides in the PC, they have very peculiar characteristic to execute automatically whenever PC is started. Once they find the place to carry out their malicious activity they often block antivirus programs, system tools required for their removal and access to the [...]

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Tips & Techniques to Boost PC Protection Against Malware’s!

In this technological advanced era, computers have just revolutionized the way people learn, shop, work, pay bills and communicate with each other. Not only that it also help you to keep track of several things like bank accounts, office, home and so on. Your PC has turned out to be your best friend as well [...]

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Get Rid of Hijacked Web Browsers – How to Fix Hijacked Internet Browsers!

Introduction The word ‘hijack’ or ‘hijacking’ is generally used with the situation when someone unlawfully seize or take control of the possession that does not belong to them. Initially it is popularly used with aircraft or car abductions, but in this era of information technology and communication, scammers or hackers very often hijack internet browsers [...]

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