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All About ‘Safe Mode’ of Windows System!

Why you need to start PC in ‘Safe Mode’?

When any malware program resides in the PC, they have very peculiar characteristic to execute automatically whenever PC is started. Once they find the place to carry out their malicious activity they often block antivirus programs, system tools required for their removal and access to the security sites. In fact in the worst scenario’s they completely block your access to the internet and most of the programs installed in the PC. In these situations to block the execution of these malicious programs during start up it is important that you start your PC in ‘Safe Mode’. This functionality of Windows system gives you the power to block the execution of the malicious programs during start up and loads only most important drivers and programs required for the normal working of the PC. No program listed in the startup list is executed making it really tough for the malware programs to run.

Different options of ‘Safe Mode’!

When you boot your system in ‘Safe Mode’ you will find three different options in the advanced boot menu. Which one you choose completely depends on what task you want to accomplish and which system tools and drivers should be loaded.

1st Option:Safe Mode

This is the first and the most basic ‘Safe Mode’ option that doesn’t have any additional support. It is mostly used by the people when they have to resolve issues related to hardware malfunctioning or corrupted drivers.

2nd Option:Safe Mode with Networking

This mode allows you to access the Internet and local network along with the features of the basic mode.

3rd Option:Safe Mode with Command Prompt

It is the most advanced option which allows you to access MS DOS command prompt along with the utilities for the advanced features of system troubleshooting. Only few people know how to use the utilities of this mode and used only to sort out serious problem diagnostics.

How to boot PC in a ‘Safe Mode’?

Follow the instructions or steps below to boot your PC with different ‘Safe Mode’ options –

  • Reboot your PC by pressing the ‘Reset’ button.
  • While computer is passing the BIOS test, press and hold the ‘F8’ key. This will bring the ‘Windows Advanced Options Menu’ shown below.

  • Use the up and down arrow keys to move the line marker to any of the ‘Safe Mode’ options you want and press ‘Enter’.

What if you fail to boot PC in ‘Safe Mode’?

At times you may get in to a situation where you fail to boot your PC in a ‘Safe Mode’. It can happen due to several reasons like due to faulty hardware, especially the hard drive that the system is booting from or some corrupt system core drivers. Possibly windows files and boot sectors have gone corrupted. In case you are getting this problem directly after installing any new hardware then it is advised that you take it off immediately. Software corruption can also cause similar issues, in such situation you better try to re-install one the hardware drivers and re-install or repair your Windows OS. The problem can also cause due to relatively advanced malicious program, so in such situations you better try different ‘Safe Mode’ options or try to use emergency boot disk to clean boot and repair your system completely.

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