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About Us is a security website, whose objective is to help visitors and provide them free service on how they can keep their PC healthy and free from lethal threats and computer infections. We assist technical computer users with manual removal instructions and help beginners to delete threats from their PC using powerful and renowned removal tools. Our concentrated focus is to combat and solve daily computer problems and make people aware of potential threats which are currently spreading over the internet.

Our Authors

Bob MarshallBob Marshall aka admin is an experienced PC support technician that has the background in computer science. He has always been interested in computer security, so he joined us to help people avoid spyware and other malware for free. He is always ready to help people on how to combat and remove rogue parasites or other ransomware and give control of the PC to user again. Bob has a strong opinion that one should always provide free and best solutions instead of only tools for your own profit.

Jim HousdenJim Housden has one of the best abilities to explain technical things to people who has no technical background what so ever. This and his interest in latest events in the security market make his guides easy to follow for inexperienced users. He also follows the news of computer security industry and alert our visitors about latest vulnerabilities and parasites.

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