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Remove Starburn Search – From PC!

Starburn Search or is a malicious adware program that tends to modify the home page of the affected computer system and make it vulnerable to lethal threats and infections. This adware replaces the default homepage with Custom Search box that will redirect you to on every search. While performing the search on with this adware program you might have been noticed sometime that it reveals the Starburn software on its title. In fact you also have noticed this adware to display advertisements on its results quite similar to other dangerous browser hijacker programs. Whether you call it Starburn Search or anything else, as long this adware will remain in your PC it will not let you to get your normal search page to normal, so it is advised that people should try to remove Starburn Search from their PC as quick as possible.

Threat Level: Medium.

Systems Affected: Windows 7/Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000.

Starburn Search Attack Symptoms!

  • It may hijack, redirect and change user’s browser and internet settings.
  • It displays several annoying popup and adverts while user surfs the web.
  • It installs itself or gets in to the user’s PC without their consent.
  • It degrades PC’s performance and makes it work really slow and sluggish.
  • It paves path for the other spywares/adware to the PC.
  • It resists all the procedures and methods of its removal.
  • And so on.

How Starburn Search gets distributed?

Starburn Search comes with infected download toolbars in disguise. In fact when you frequently get annoying pop-ups and malicious ads that contain links, clicking them at times can also download this adware to the computer system. At times, malicious and suspicious websites, fake online Trojans and others also play a vital role in spreading this adware to the computer system.

How to Remove Starburn Search from Windows System Effectively?

No need to say that removing this adware from the computer system is really very difficult manually. The embedded rootkit will not allow you to do so. But somehow if you have changed the browser settings and other options, then no doubt on restarting the PC you will notice that it will return again. So, it is advised that you prefer the professional way to get rid of this rogue and download the file below to scan and remove Starburn Search from the Windows system completely. It is 100% safe, secure and guarantees the removal of this adware from PC effectively.

To view complete installation process, check out Installation Guide.

Ways to remove Starburn Search from PC Manually!

Manual removal method is really very difficult for Starburn Search as it keep coming back again and again. Still the manual removal method for this browser hijacker is discussed below that you can try.

Method 1 – Uninstall Starburn Search from Windows Control Panel!

Step 1 – Click Start > Control Panel.

Step 2 – Under Programs, click Uninstall a program.

Step 3 – Look for the name Starburn Search or other related term as adware’s change their name quite often, select it and click Uninstall. If this action prompts for confirmation, click OK.

NOTE: To represent Starburn Search, we used the term ‘Unknown’. Be aware that Starburn Search may also use other names or terms like – and others.

Method 2 – Remove settings manually created by Starburn Search

To help people out there, we have prepared a complete procedure which will guide you to remove settings created by Starburn Search from various internet browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.

Internet Explorer

Step 1 – Start Internet Explorer, navigate to Tools (on top menu) > Internet Options.

Step 2 – Now in General tabs, look for the area says Search and click on Settings button.

Step 3 – From the list of search providers, select your preferred search provider and click on Set as default to replace Starburn Search.

Step 4 – You can also remove Starburn Search from the list by selecting and clicking Remove button.

Google Chrome

Step 1 – Launch Google Chrome and click the Wrench icon on top right corner of the browser.

Step 2 – After that click on Settings to open a window. Find the area saying Search in the mid section of the page and click on Manage search engines.

Step 3 – Then mouse-over to the preferred search engine and click Make default.

Step 4 – You can also remove Starburn Search from there by clicking X mark which will appear when you will hover the mouse pointer over it.

Mozilla Firefox

Step 1 – Launch Mozilla, click the arrow down on Google Search box right beside the ‘G’ logo.

Step 2 – Then click on Manage Search Engines from the drop-down list to view all search engines installed.

Step 3 – Choose your preferred default search provider and place it at first spot by clicking Move up button.

Step 4 – You can also remove Starburn Search by highlighting it and clicking Remove button.

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