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Remove Guardia di Finanza Ukash Virus – How to Unlock PC!

Guardia di Finanza is ukash virus and ransomware that locks user’s computer screen and troubles them in return. It originates from the family of screen lockers called Reveton and is really very dangerous. It hits the targeted computer systems of Italy and exploits the name of a local authority “Guardia di Finanza”. But in reality it is complete scam that troubles innocent computer system by locking their PC and ask them to pay ransom money in return. Once it locks the PC it displays very authentic screen locker message developed and distributed by cyber criminals which looks like genuine message from local authority of Italy and asks the fine of 100 Euro which will be send to the cyber criminals.

Along with the ransom money, the message also states that the user’s PC has been locked because of viewing child pornography or doing some illegal stuff that has violated some of the Italian laws. But there is nothing to worry because all the messages that it displays are false and are just shown to scare user and to Pay nonexistent fine. These ransomware infections are localized as PC users of USA see this message as “Department of Justice” and the same message would be translated to English language. These ransomware viruses achieve this localization as they are capable of detecting computer’s IP address and thus able to determine in which country the machine is operating. So, if you see “Guardia di Finanza” message in your PC then you can be sure that your PC is infected with virus, so don’t pay any fines and try to remove Guardia di Finanza ukash virus from your PC as quick as possible.

‘Guardia di Finanza’ Screenshot!

How to Remove ‘Guardia di Finanza’ Ransomware from PC Effectively?

Since this ransomware locks the PC, so it is really very difficult to remove it from PC using the normal conventional methods. But still the related bogus messages can be eliminated from the computer system by starting the PC in ‘Safe Mode’. Once you are through to the PC you can eliminate the traces of this ransomware but doing so will not guarantee the complete removal of this ransomware. It is because the traces of this ransomware is scattered all over the PC which is really very hard to find and remove. So, it is advised that you better download the specialized program provided below and run a free scan to detect and remove ‘Guardia di Finanza’ from the PC. It will automatically scan all nook and cranny of the hard drive and remove all the traces of this ransomware. Moreover, it will also help the PC to run faster with improved performance and efficiency. So, just download this powerful tool and get rid ofGuardia di Finanza’ ransomware with ease.

To view complete installation process, check out Installation Guide.

Manual removal methods of this ransomware tends to be little less reliable & effective, but still those methods are explained below

Step 1 – Start your Windows system and keep pressing ‘F8’ button on your keyboard until Windows Advanced Option menu shows up. Then select the ‘Safe Mode with Command Prompt’ option from the list and press ‘Enter’.

Step 2 – In the opened command prompt type ‘explorer’ and press ‘Enter’ to open the explorer windows.

Step 3 – Now in the command prompt type ‘regedit’ and press ‘Enter’.

Step 4 – In registry editor window navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogon

Step 5 – In the right side of the window locate ‘Shell’ and click on it. Now click on Modify. Its default value is Explorer.exe, if you see something else, then remove it and type Explorer.exe on it. If something else is written on it then use that information to navigate to the rogue executable and remove it.

Step 6 – Then restart your PC and download the file mentioned below and perform full system scan to eliminate Guardia di Finanza Ransomware from PC.

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