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Top 5 Security Tips of 2013 to Avoid Cybercrime and Protect PC!

Cyber Security

In 2013 when cybercrimes are at their peak, it is very important that you keep up to date to avoid and protect your computer from lethal PC threats and invasions. Below mentioned are some security tips that we feel are really very important for you to take in order to protect yourself against malware and cybercriminals. Although these tips are not new, but it will intensify your cyber security for sure.

Tip 1 – You need to create an email account whenever you shop. For those who shop regularly it is very important. The email accounts were created solely for the purpose of shopping online or to take on any survey.

Tip 2 – Take all your important documents including birth certificates, passports, deeds, bonds, titles etc. into any safety deposit lock box at your chosen bank or fireproof home safe. Also make sure that all the papers and documents are properly arranged and systematized for easy access.

Tip 3 – Make sure that you check your bills online on a regular basis along with your account. It is because as soon you will notice any discrepancy, sooner you can get it resolved and get your money back if anything such is stolen.

Tip 4 – Not like most of the social network websites, Gmail account and Google voice phone number can be distributed on a various websites which are not trustworthy and thus can easily maintain your personal information.

Tip 5 – Most of the cooperation’s systematically reset their computer passwords in every thirty (30) days. So, just make sure that you do the same with your personal PC or laptops. The password has to be such that shouldn’t be guessed easily. Use the combination of characters, lower and upper case both with numbers and symbols to make the password strong but easy to remember.

Some cyber security experts are predicting that the year 2013 will see the activity of scammers and cyber crime on the rise, so make sure that you follow the tips outlined above so that you don’t fall victim to cybercriminals. Just review the above advisory and keep an updated antimalware/antispyware program on your PC to protect yourself from any kind of identity theft or intrusion.

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