Step by Step Guide To Remove PC Threats!

Koda Ransomware Removal Steps – Get Rid of It!

Koda is really very terrible ransomware which has the properties very much like the other evil ransomwares. The main goal of this ransomware is to lock the victim’s computer and force them to pay the money in order to unlock the PC. This ransomware has paced its activities in the recent past and has diseased [...]

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Politiet Norge Ukash Virus – Remove Politiet Norge Ukash Virus from PC!

Politiet Norge Ukash Virus is a variant of Ukash virus group which is really very dangerous and is responsible for releasing dozens of ransomwares, including Police Central e-crime Unit virus and FBI MoneyPak virus and others. It employs many methods to compromise computer security and take advantage of system vulnerabilities. Once it gets into your [...]

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Remove ‘Stop Online Piracy Automatic Protection System – Your computer is locked’

“Stop Online Piracy Automatic Protection System – Your computer is locked” is a scam message created by cyber criminal which is a ransomware computer infection. This threat completely locks the Windows system, desktop and displays message which states that the system has locked as computer user have used an illegal copyrighted material. This ransomware infection [...]

Win 8 Defender 2013 – Remove Win 8 Defender 2013 from PC!

Win 8 Defender 2013 is a new family of rouge anti-virus programs.  It is a fake security program which infects the system by accessing the Registry. It creates new registry entries which cause system malfunction and demand money from the user for correcting them.  Actually it is a fake program designed to make fool to [...]

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Remove Starburn Search – From PC!

Starburn Search or is a malicious adware program that tends to modify the home page of the affected computer system and make it vulnerable to lethal threats and infections. This adware replaces the default homepage with Custom Search box that will redirect you to on every search. While performing the search on with [...]

, , , – Get Rid of Redirect Virus! is one of the dangerous foxy redirect virus that automatically makes changes in your default browser settings and manages all your online searches. It uses system security vulnerabilities and pretends as if it is a real search engine, but every time you try to make any search with it, it will redirect you to [...]

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Australian Federal Police Virus – Remove Australian Federal Police from PC Completely

Australian Federal Police Virus is a malicious program which is really very dangerous. This program attacks the computer system connected to internet randomly and locks them completely. It asks for money straight away by stating users that they have broken a law by illegally distributing the copyright content and sneaks money from their pocket. The [...]

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Vista Antispyware 2013 – Remove Vista Antispyware 2013 from PC

Vista Antispyware 2013 is a fake security program which pioneers in displaying fake security status of the healthy computer system. This rogue is designed in such a manner that, it looks like a genuine antispyware program but in reality it is simply useless. It does several activities like fake scanning, security searches and others to [...]

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Remove DarkAngle from Windows System – Get Rid of It!

DarkAngle is a one of the dangerous threats over internet which is been there for quite a long time. Once it gets into the computer system it opens the firewall and does all the activities of a cyber spy. It tracks the browsing behavior of the victim, collects confidential information such as personal financial information [...]

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How to Remove XP Security 2013 from Windows System!

XP Security 2013 is a fake and misleading security application which is intestinally created by online criminals to steal hard earned money from its victims. This bogus program claims itself as a beneficial antivirus program that protects the PC from harmful malware and viruses. But it does not like such rather researchers found this program [...]

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