Step by Step Guide To Remove PC Threats!

CouponDropDown Adware – How to Remove CouponDropDown Extension from Browser!

CouponDropDown is new adware which is really very dangerous. It provides unethical advertising platform to sponsors by which they can display their advertisements and coupons. It may hijack your browser and attach to it as a browser helper object. So, whenever you browse internet it displays unwanted pop-ups and advertisements that you don’t want. The [...]

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FBI Anti-Piracy Warning Virus Removal Guide – Remove FBI GreeDot Moneypak Ransomware!

FBI Anti-Piracy Warning ransomware is the new updated ransomware which is harder than its previous releases. It is a widespread FBI Moneypak fake program that locks the desktop and blocks the Windows system and in order to unlock the PC asks user to pay the money of $200 or more. It generally hit Windows 7/XP/Vista [...]

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Europol Removal Guide – Remove Europol Ransomware From PC!

Europol ransomware is latest ransomware which is really very dangerous. It pretends to be a part of European Law Enforcement Agency that deals with cyber crime investigations in Europe. But in reality it is a misleading program designed by cyber criminals to earn money by scaring them in the name of copyright violation. It displays [...]

, , , , , – Remove Hijacker From PC! is very dangerous redirect virus which has the symptom to create toolbar with the help of website. This website has malicious integrations that collects information from victims PC and send them to cyber criminals in order to create revenue from unknown third parties. In addition Freecause also creates browser helper objects which are [...]

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BasicScan Search Redirect – Get Rid of BasicScan Search Redirect Virus!

BasicScan Search Redirect is a harmful website in disguise of a search engine which is really very dangerous. When you visit this website it appears to be very legitimate and authentic, but in reality it redirects to malicious sources every time you perform any search activity using it. It affects most of the internet browsers [...]

, , , , , , , – Redirect Virus Removal Guide! is a malicious redirect virus that redirects opened web pages to its domain or any other unknown source quite frequently without users consent. Even though this is a malicious activity but, this redirect virus does not hesitate to perform this activity for its own benefit. It does all these activities by modifying browser internet [...]

, , – Remove Hijacker From PC! claims to be legitimate search engine but in reality its unwanted toolbars are really very annoying that promotes useless ads and alerts. This search engine alone can be harmless, but the ads that it displays may contain rogue applications which can aim to scam innocent computer users for money in the name of computer [...]

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Trojan.downloader.urausy.a – Remove Trojan.downloader.urausy.a From PC!

Trojan.downloader.urausy.a is a lethal virus that attacks your system without your priori knowledge. It is a malicious Trojan parasite installed that crawl into your system without any obvious visible sign and carries out many harmful things.  After getting into system, it opens up network access to a remote attacker where they may gather personal data [...]

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Nixxie Answers Redirect Virus – Remove Nixxie Answers Redirect Virus From PC!

Nixxie Answers is an obnoxious redirect virus that forcibly redirects you to unwanted and suspicious domains without your consent. It is also a kind of browser hijacker that hijacks your internet browser whether it is Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or any other and then modifies its settings as per his own convenience. It [...]

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Redirected to – Remove Redirect Virus From PC! redirect virus is a dangerous browser hijacker which is really very big threat for innocent computer users. Due to this, users not able to use their favorite search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo because they are constantly redirected to or other website that is useless and not related with their search. As [...]

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