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Cybercriminals Uses Zero Days to Unpatch Application


Cyber crime is flooding or you can say spreading in the entire world of internet including its users and also captures the secrets and details about users. These are mostly happening in daily life but we are not facing it directly. When users used to download any file, post any pictures or enter in any [...]

Hackers are Spoofing users through Facebook apps


When we talk about Facebook it has several types of interesting things in one site. Like tagging, posting, messaging, playing and lots more. Facebook also provide users the facilities of all apps which are including in internet by one click. Apps are now became a special part of Facebook because if you go to any [...]

DDoS Attacks Blocking Servers


Organizations are being increasingly conscious about the threat that Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks which performs on any online services offered by company. Now, if any organization offers online services to customers, employees or business partners obviously they are open to attack. But unfortunately their chances of attacking never been successful. So let the [...]

Cyber Spying Tactics Revealed by Security Researchers!


Different types of web pages create for different-different organization. But between these steps,  internet users of entire world especially to those users which are belonging to government ministries, technology companies, media outlets, academic research institutions and private organization should know that the operation against cyber spying have fails to do this. This operation couldn’t take [...]

Info-stealing Dorkbot worm attacking on Facebook


Facebook have connected millions of people from different-different region. As much as huge its network is connecting people and spreading in all over the universe, it is also connecting The Dorkbot worm attackers. We know question will occur in your mind that what is The Dorkbot worm Attackers? The Dorkbot worm is like virus which [...]

Microsoft Warns Facebook Users about Latest Trojan Hijacking


If we talk about internet then in our mind firstly one thing occurs social networking sites and if we talk about social networking sites then one thing occurs in not only our mind but in all worldwide that is FACEBOOK. Facebook is a site in which maximum no. Of people from other region are connecting [...]

IE Now Top’s In Blocking Malware!

IE Malware Block rate

Usually you all know that NSS has released the final results and it also taken from its web browsers security mainly comparative evaluating the protection gifted by commonly five browsers which users use in worldwide are latest versions of Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera which is against malware downloads (it is also [...]

Patch deployed by Microsoft admitted a Zero-day bug in IE8!


According to the various security firms, an active exploits has been used for the vulnerability, including the “watering hole”-style attacks which have been used for U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Labor, basically targeting the workers at the latter agency involved in the research of nuclear weapons. Microsoft published a security advisory on [...]

Malware leading to media sites of US got compromised!


Five media sites of U.S. as well as a number of other famous sites have got compromised which are redirecting the visitors to visit the malicious URLs as  Z scalar warns. The sites have got injected with the features of JavaScript which used to have an i Frame that redirects the users to one of the several malicious sites [...]

“Google” is less Prone To Malicious sites than “Bing”


The all-time universal fact justifies that all search engines are not been made equal—and obviously when the arrow tip just points to Microsoft’s Bing, it certainly generates out the fact that malicious websites are much more happily returned far more often than by Google. A recent research carried out by a German independent testing lab [...]

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