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Hackers Exploits Severe Security Weakness in Java – Users Forced to Disable Java on Browsers!


Security analysts have discovered and reported severe weakness in Java application which is exploited by hackers to download malevolent malware to infect computers. Under this context two most commonly used tool exploits were Cool Exploit Toolkit and Blackhole Exploit Toolkit. Among these toolkits the most dominant one is Blackhole toolkit which is infecting over 100,000 computers each day. This exploit technique is displayed below with an example –


Once the encrypted code is downloaded into the PC, it redirects users to a viral file infecting their computers. Most of the websites that aid in infecting computers with malware are generally websites which are either unsecured or are previously compromised. This Cool Exploit Kit or Cool EK started to appear in October 2012 which has reported having the capabilities of locking once PC and demands ransom payment before the hacker could unlocks the computer. When the ransom amount is received, cybercriminals allow the users to resume their PC’s normal functionalities and capabilities.

Precautions that you need to take to avoid infections!

Several web researchers are advising that the only way by which one could avoid from being infected with this malware or prevent from becoming infected is by disabling Javascript, however this would inevitably restrict users to access to numerous websites that also seems very impractical.

Computer World advised that Oracle has came across the same situation in August of 2012 due to which have to discontinue their normal quarterly Release cycle and thus launched an urgent cycle update. Although Oracle has not yet been confirmed their patch plans but sources say that it is schedules for February 19th of this year.

The Next Web advised users that – “We recommend that regardless of what browser and operating system you’re using, you should uninstall Java if you don’t need it. If you do need it, use a separate browser when Java is required, and make sure to disable Java in your default browser,”

The latest version of Java i.e. Java 7 update 10 which was released on December 11th provides users with option to disable JavaScript on their web browser, so you can update your Java version to avoid it.

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